Top Benefits of Krill Oil Supplements


Whenever any new supplement gets launched in the market, many garner doubts from different people but there are people who want to see and experience benefits their own. One of those supplements is a krill oil health supplements that are taken by many people and gaining popularity by the day. Krill oil contains fatty acids that are beneficial to the human body which is not competent of producing omega-3 fatty acids.

The truth is krill oil is as beneficial as fish oil and if you are still tangled in confusion here are some top benefits that krill oil supplements can provide. Take a look:

  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 45%.
  • Reduces LDL cholesterol and the HDL cholesterol which keeps the problems of heart ailments, depression, hypertension and other conditions away from the body.

  • Reduce inflammation within the body.

  • Bring reduction in stickiness of blood platelets.
  • Provide antioxidants powers effective in improving heart functions, immune system and memory.

  • Works in alleviating pain, joint tenderness, stiffness, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, ADHD, depression and other psychological conditions.
  • For women, it prevents the breast cancer and brings improvement in fertility.

By having so many benefits, this is why many people prefer these supplements over traditional oils extracted from fish. Before buying, do a little research on benefits of fish oils and krill oil and choose the right one for your health.


Natural Health Supplements v/s Drugs

In today’s competitive scenario, each one is dancing to the tunes of a fast paced life. But despite all the pressures and constant rat race many of us are still very health conscious and it must be so. After all, health is wealth!

herb_rx_drugs_570Our lifestyle nowadays cannot be referred to as an ideal one. It eventually results in lower immunity of one’s body against ailments and diseases. To tend to these health needs markets are full of both natural health supplements and drugs. Natural health supplements are all vitamins, minerals, nutritional products and herbs that strengthen the immune system and trigger the healing process for an ailment or disease. Drugs, on the other hand, are medications composed of chemical substances that are brought in use to treat a disease or enhance overall well being, both physical and mental.

So what should one opt for – a natural health supplement or a drug? Here’s a list of comparisons between the two to make that choice somewhat easier:

  • Scientific grounds – Natural supplements are widely trusted but many are not scientifically tested. Drugs on the other hand are scientifically tested licensed medication.
  • Behavioral alterations – Those opting for the natural remedy show positive behavioral changes. They go by the notion that to avail maximum benefits the remedy has to be accompanied with an altered healthy life style including exercise regime and controlled/healthy diet. In contrast, those opting for drugs take its effectiveness for granted and show behavioral boomerang effect, that is, they tend to continue with an unhealthy lifestyle. They even risk it further, adding more to that list of unhealthy ways.
  • Effectiveness – Natural supplements help to cure an ailment or disease by targeting its root cause. Allopathic medicines on the other hand usually work on the symptoms of a disease. Hence in this case the disease may not be completely cured and possibilities are it will reappear in the future.
  • Recovery – With natural remedies the curing can be slow but it is definitely steady. With the other option there usually are immediate visible effects, the curing process being speedy.
  • Effects – Consuming natural health supplements usually provides additional health benefits like overall stronger immunity while consumption of drugs usually has its side effects like an allergic reaction, nausea etc.

These comparisons definitely sway in favor of natural health supplements. But availing these remedies is not easy. Markets are full of duplicated natural remedies claiming to be highly effective. Also many ‘natural health supplements’ sold in the market consists of chemicals used in drugs, which obviously isn’t stated in the ingredient list on the pack. In such a case, making the correct choice is difficult but that should not stop you from opting for a more healthy way towards life.

Vitamins Supplements – Their Importance in Our Life

To maintain good health and normal growth vitamins are essential for our body. Fruits, vegetables, grains and pulses provide these vitamins in sufficient quantity. But because of our different ways of living and eating we lack them in our daily meal.  To meet this requirement vitamin supplements are recommended along with daily diet.

In order to understand the value of these health supplements it is essential that we get aware about the different functions of the multiple vitamins. Vitamins help to convert fats or carbohydrates into energy and facilitate in the digestion of the nutrients. To increase resistance level against diseases and to empower immunity system they not only create antibodies but also metabolize nutrients. Besides performing these functions they bind tissues, strengthen cells and form genetic material, bones, hormones and essential chemicals of the nervous system.

If you divide the dose of these supplements three or four times a day with regular meal you can easily absorb it. Taking supplements are inexpensive and simple method to avoid dietary deficiencies.  They have antioxidants qualities which prevent harmful effects of free radicals. These supplements boost immunity system, improve cognitive or mental functions and help in digestion system.

Many serious complications can happen due to the deficiencies of these vitamins. Problems like night blindness, poor skeleton growth and skin troubles can appear due to the lack of vitamin A. Deficiency of vitamin B1 can create disorders like leg cramps and muscular weakness. Swelling in tongue, dandruff and mouth ulcer can happen with the lack of vitamin B2.  If you have scarcity of B6; it can lead to bad immunity, mental confusion and various skin related diseases. In case you don’t get the required amount of vitamin B5; you can suffer several heart related troubles and depression. Insufficient amount of vitamin C and D create rickets and scurvy while the shortage of B12 causes anemia.  Lack of vitamin E harms the nervous system; create bad vision and scarcity of vitamin K causes gastrointestinal bleeding and bruising.

Therefore acknowledging the value of vitamins in our life, it becomes mandatory that we provide sufficient amount of them to our body. Supplements that fulfill the demand of vitamins in your food provide fibers, and amino acids also to the body.

In this modern age of hectic lifestyle it becomes difficult to plan a healthy diet schedule, these supplements provide solution to this problem also as they are being prepared from natural whole meals and include all essential nutritious elements. So don’t think much and utilize the benefits of this unique scientific discovery.

Source : Best Natural Vitamin Supplements